Dogs are Made for Walking – Pet Sitting

Pet sitting services in Clitheroe and the Ribble Valley Area

We understand that life can get pretty hectic pretty quickly and our pet sitting service is for customers juggling family commitments, a social life, holidays, everyday life activities and looking after a dog.

We appreciate that a busy job can mean your beloved dog is left for long hours alone. This can lead to them not getting the necessary exercise, food and toilet opportunities they need to lead a healthy and content life. That’s also without touching on the human companionship that all dogs thrive on.

As professional providers of pet sitting service we will always take the time to meet your dog, learn about their routine and ensure they are comfortable in our presence.

We see our job as reassuring your dog and providing them with exercise, companionship and love on the occasions when you can not. We’ll happily personalise our service for you and your dog to make sure their getting the attention they deserve.